Today’s Feast Day: Frei Galvāo

Today’s Feast Day is that of Frei Galvāo.  He was born in Sāo Paolo and was a Franciscan.  Frei Galvāo was made a saint in 2007 by Pope Benedict and is the world’s first Brazilian-born saint. Not many people in Europe know about Frei Galvāo but he is revered in his home country of Brazil.  Frei Galvāo was the Patron Saint of the World Youth Day in 2013.  Why not say a small prayer to Frei Galvāo today for someone who needs some help?

It’s Saturday and that means Our Lady Day!

On Saturdays, Roman Catholics make an effort to remember Our Lady and the sacrifices she made for her Son.  Why not take five minutes today to say a decade of the Rosary for Monsignor Tom’s special intention?  Many people ask Monsignor Tom for his prayers.  You can add to his prayers for all those people needing God’s help in our parish.

Today’s Feast Day: Blessed Daudi Okelo and Jildo Arwa

Today we commemorate the martyrdom of two young men from Uganda who were killed in 1918 simply for teaching the Catholic faith.  Blessed Daudi was 16 and Blessed Jildo was only 12 when they were murdered.  Blessed Daudi and Jildo were from the Acholi tribe with members all over Sub-Saharan Africa.  Professing your faith is very dangerous in many parts of Africa and people are still being massacred simply for being a Roman Catholic.  Say a small prayer today to Daudi and Jildo for anyone who is feeling persecuted simply because they want to live their faith more openly, even if it is in modern-day Scotland.

Today’s Feast Day: St Paul of the Cross

Today is the Feast of St Paul of the Cross.  St Paul was the founder of the Passionists and we are very lucky to have a Passionist community in Glasgow at St Mungo’s in Sighthill.  If you are every in the city centre during the week, why not pop into St Mungo’s for mass at 10am or 12.15pm?

The Passionists in Glasgow website is: and you can find out all about St Paul at their website.  You can also follow them on Faceback: @stmungos1865



Today’s Feast Day: St Luke the Evangelist

Today’s Feast Day is St Luke!  Apart from writing a Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, St Luke was a doctor.  He is the Patron Saint of Physicians and Surgeons.  Do you know anyone called Luke or is a medical doctor or surgeon?  Why not share this post with them and say a prayer to St Luke? It only takes a minute and is a wonderful free gift to give them!

The painting of St Luke is by the Italian artist, Guido Reno.

Today’s Feast Day: St Ignatius of Antioch

Today’s Feast Day is St Ignatius of Antioch.  St Ignatius was one of our very earliest saints who wasn’t an Apostle.  He was martyred in Rome in the year 107 and while he was alive was a major figure in the Eastern Mediteranean and North Africa Christian community.  The Church in these places today is under great threat.  Say a prayer today for all the Faithful in those parts of the world who are persecuted for following their Faith in very difficult circumstances.

Today’s Feast Day: St Daniel Combine

Today is the feast of St Daniel Comboni, who is the patron saint of Missionaries.  Please spend a moment today thinking of all Catholic missionaries who have devoted their life to helping others around the world.

We have a Comboni missionary centre (The Verona Fathers) here in Glasgow.  If you are interested in missionary work or would like to know more about the Comboni missionaries, why not phone them on 0141 641 4399 or email them on

Their website is here: