Today’s Feast Day: St Andrew the Patron Saint of Scotland

As everyone knows, St Andrew’s Feast Day is today.  All over Scotland we celebrate St Andrew’s Day, but it is important to remember that St Andrew followed Christ and was crucified for his belief. Early writings describe Andrew as bound, not nailed, to a cross similar to the one on which Jesus was crucified. It was only much later, in the Middle Ages, that a tradition developed that St Andrew had been crucified on an X-shaped cross or saltire.  He did this as he felt unworthy to die in the same way as Our Lord.  Do you know anyone called Andrew? Why not say a prayer to St Andrew today and let your friend or loved one know you are thinking of them?

The painting shown is by Caravaggio and presents the traditional view of St Andrew’s death.  Note how his hands and feet are bound and not nailed to the cross.


Today’s Feast Day: St Francis Fasani

Today is the Feast Day of St Francis Fasani of Lucera.  St Francis was a Franciscan monk and mystic.  He was a great confessor and loved in his home town.  Although St Francis died in 1742, he wasn’t made a saint until 1986 by Pope St John Paul II.  Do you know anyone called Francis or Frances? Why not say a small prayer to today’s saint and let your friend or loved one know you are thinking of them today?

Today’s Feast Day: St Catherine of Alexandria

Today is the Feast of St Catherine of Alexandria.  St Catherine died in the year 305 and was an outspoken defender of Christians when they were being persecuted everywhere.  Do you know anyone called Catherine? Do you know anyone who is a great defender of the Catholic faith? Why not say a prayer for them today?

The painting of St Catherine is by Caravaggio.