Today’s Feast Day: Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is the doctrine that Our Lady was conceived without original sin.  This is such an important feast day that in many parts of the world, it is a holy day of obligation.  In Scotland, it’s not but that shouldn’t stop us celebrating this wonderful feast in our own way.  Why not say a Hail Mary today for someone who needs it?


Today’s Feast Day: St Ambrose

St Ambrose was one of the first four doctors of the church.  He is the patron saint of beggars.  Why not bring some hats/pants/socks/jumpers to St Cadoc’s this week?  Monsignor Tom is planning to donate these to some homeless men in Glasgow.  If you can’t do this, why not say a small prayer to St Ambrose for Monsignor Tom’s homeless men?

Today’s Feast Day: St Bibiana

Today is the Feast Day of St Bibiana.  Very little is known of St Bibiana, except that she was alive in the 4th Century and was martyred for her faith.  Although St Bibiana is one of the Church’s forgotten saints, the Italian master, Bernini, found it important to capture her in the sculpture photographed here.  How many saints live among us today, working away quietly not attracting any notice but doing so much good to others around them? Why not say a prayer to St Bibiana to intercede for them? Even better, why not give the secret saint a call or visit and let them know how much you appreciate the good things they are doing? You never know the impact your kind words may have!

Today’s Feast Day: St Edmund Campion

Today is the Feast Day of St Edmund Campion, one of the great Jesuit saints.  St Campion preached in secret all over England during the Elizabethan period when Roman Catholicism was persecuted without mercy.  He was captured in July, 1581, tortured on a rack and cruelly executed by drawing and quartering in London on today’s date in 1581.  St Campion is one of the patron saints of St Aloysius College in Glasgow.  Do you know any students or past students of St Aloysius College? Why not say a prayer to St Campion for them today?