Today’s Feast Day: The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Being a Roman Catholic is neither abstract nor theoretical.  We must live it practically.  In our daily activities we continually come up against views contrary to the Catholic faith, even from fellow Catholics.  We hear criticisms of accepted Church teachings as if being a Roman Catholic is akin to being an extremist. Why not today make an effort to share Jesus’ cross and stand up for your faith? You don’t need to be argumentative, just say you disagree. If asked why, simply respond by saying you follow the Church’s teachings. You never know what effect that might have!

Prayers of Intercession: 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time

Prayers of Intercession

Dear friends, let us pray with simplicity and faith for the needs of the church and the world.

  1. For our Holy Father Pope Francis who will begin his pastoral visit to Columbia in South America next Wednesday, that he may give heart to the people as they continue to struggle with the violence of the drug barons. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  2. For all parents, here present that they may receive those graces which will strengthen their faith, increase their capacity to love, and strengthen them in the face of difficulties. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  3. For those who are in distress because of family tensions or health difficulties and for those who have become displaced by war, by religious persecution, or by natural disasters of drought and floods. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  4. For all the departed, that they will be welcomed into the heavenly Father’s home. We remember today: Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Madge Carty, Mrs Hayes, Gerry Keys, John O’Donnell and baby Nancy Doré. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  5. Let us pray to Our Lady of Paisley for Bishop Keenan:  Hail Mary….

Eternal Father, embrace our world with your unfailing love, grant us your protection and guide us in safe ways. We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.