New Monthly Rotas

The new monthly rotas are out and go up to 19th November.  Please note that there have been some changes to the Eucharistic Minister schedule because of changes in Minister availability.

If you can’t make a certain date it is sometimes easier to simply ask someone to replace you rather than go through the website.

Please check the rotas regularly as names may change around to reflect the availability of helpers.

Finally, if you would like to volunteer for any of the church ministries covered in the rota, please get in touch with Monsignor Monaghan after Mass on a Sunday or email

Church Rota OctNov

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Prayers of Intercession: 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Prayers of Intercession

Dear friends, we pray that we will learn from the generosity of the landowner in the parable of Jesus in today’s Gospel.

  1. That Christians everywhere will avoid anything in their daily lives which would be unworthy of the Gospel of Christ. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  2. That the actions of the leadership in North Korea will be modified so that the threat of war is diminished; the violence of the military in Myanmar come to an immediate end, and the persecution of Christians give way to religious freedom for everyone. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  3. That those who suffer because of drought and famine in Africa, flood and destruction across the Caribbean and Texas, in Bangladesh and India, and the millions trapped in refugee camps will be alleviated by generous nations and aid organisations. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  4. That those who have died may now live with Jesus in heaven. We remember especially, Anna Long,  Valerie Margaret Wall, Remo Pacitti, Patricia Carron, Hugh McKendry, and Agnes McMenamin. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  5. Let us pray to our Lady of Paisley for Bishop Keenan:  Hail Mary….

Eternal Father, ever generous and gracious to us, help us to learn from your Son, Jesus, so that our lives are filled with generosity, mercy, and justice. We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.






Today’s Feast Day: Padre Pio

Today is Padre Pio’s Feast Day! Padre Pio is the patron saint of teenagers and his prayers have been shown to be very powerful for those who pray to him.  Do you know a teenager who is going through a tough time and needs some prayers? Do you know someone who seems to be losing their faith or stopped going to mass? Why not spend some time now and pray to Padre Pio for them?

Today’s Feast Day: St Matthew

Today is the Feast Day of St Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist! St Matthew was a tax collector and is the patron saint of Bankers and Accountants.  Do you know a Banker or Accountant who is in need of some prayers? Why not say one to St Matthew to give them strength? It doesn’t take long and it could make a big difference!

Today’s Feast Day: The Korean Martyrs

Today’s Feast Day commemorates the persecution of Korean Christians in the 19th Century, when at least 8,000 were killed as a result of their faith.  It is worthwhile to remember that in 21st Century North Korea, Christians are the most heavily persecuted group in the world.

The small film below highlights the situation in North Korea. It’s only two minutes and definitely worth watching.

How many of us would be willing to keep to the faith under such difficulties? Please say a prayer today to the 19th Century Korean Christian martyrs for all those in North Korea and the rest of the world who are being persecuted today for their faith.