Catholic Education Sunday: February 19th

Catholic Education Sunday will be celebrated in the Parish this weekend.  The theme for this year is designed to give us the chance to consider how our schools are Developing as communities of Faith and Learning”.

We can list many things that make a Catholic school distinctive;  

  • Catholic schools have Jesus Christ at the centre of all that they do, 
  • learning is shaped using Gospel values,
  • prayer, worship and religious celebrations are integral to the life of the school 
  • Catholic schools promote social justice and serve their communities
  • their vision, aims and values, to educate the whole person- body, mind and soul, are developed in partnership with parents and parishes and offers a vision
Pupils from St Ninian’s High School will lead our liturgy at the 5pm and 12noon masses while St Cadocs will join us for 10am mass. Families are encouraged to come along and join us in celebrating our schools. Pupils should wear their uniforms.

Prayers of Intercession: 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Prayers of Intercession

Let each of us be convinced that we are called to be salt for the earth and a light to the world, as we seek from Jesus his strength to live fully our Christian vocation.


  1. May the Salesian Sisters show the light of Christ to others by sharing bread, sheltering the homeless, clothing the naked and giving relief to the oppressed, so that the dignity of the poor is honoured. Let us pray to the Lord: Grant this, almighty God.
  2. May we, in our relationships with others, do away with cruel or harsh words, as we interact with them. Let us pray to the Lord: Grant this, almighty God.
  3. May we continue to hold in prayer those, who around the world, are persecuted for their Christian faith, that Jesus Christ will always be their Light, and the Salt which preserves their faith. Let us pray to the Lord: Grant this, almighty God.
  4. May those who have died in accidents on the roads, on the sea or in the air, along with those in the workplace, find peace in God. We remember especially today, Charles Hay, Josephine Logue, Elizabeth McManus, Imrie Stumf, Angela McMenamin, Tam Dalyell, Mary Power, Brian Lawson, Marie Campo-piano, Thomas McPeake and babies George McIntyre and Megan Elizabeth Farr, both born asleep. Let us pray to the Lord: Grant this, almighty God.
  5. Let us pray to Our Lady of Paisley for Bishop Keenan:  Hail Mary….

Almighty God, in the name of Jesus, let his light shine in us so that we bring glory to your Name. We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

A Small Meditation

In the Gospel Jesus speaks to the Apostles about his voice.

“My sheep hear my voice.” he says. “I know them and they know me.”

Consider that again:

“I know them and they know me.”

Sometimes on a Sunday at the Coffee morning a child cries and the mother instantly, even without looking, and in the midst of a conversation, will rise and comfort the child.

To a non-parent, it could be any child crying.  They all sound the same, don’t they?

Well, apparently not.

A mother hears the voice, recognises the voice.

It is her child…her wee lamb.  There is a familiarity with the baby that only a mum or dad possesses.

A similar thing happens in our life of prayer.  The more we talk to God, the more we get to recognise his voice.

The image of the Good Shepherd is really quite beautiful.  The sheep are all at peace.  They trust the shepherd.  As long as he is there and they don’t stray from him, the more they can be at peace.  They get to know his voice and they follow him.  No harm shall ever touch them.

Some time ago there was a story about a young blind girl whose dad left her at home for a short time while he went to buy some messages.  While he was away, a fire broke out in the building.  The fire fighters told people who were trapped to jump into a safety net. They all did so and were safe, except the little girl.

She was petrified….frozen to the spot.

Then her father arrived and shouted,

“Daddy’s here.  Jump into my arms when I count to three.”

Without hesitation, she jumped.  She knew his voice.

We should pray that young people will hear the voice of God calling them, so they may jump without hesitation into his arms.