A letter from the Bishops of Scotland

This General Election presents us with an opportunity to reflect on Catholic social teaching. As Christians, we have a civic and moral duty to engage with our democracy. As Catholics, we believe that the primary goal of society should be the common good; that is the good of all people and of the whole person. Indeed, the common good is the very reason political authority exists.

This election provides an opportunity to reflect on the beauty and goodness of Church teaching and to keep that teaching at the forefront of our minds as we engage with candidates across all parties. During elections, a range of issues compete for your attention; we highlight some of them here in the hope that you will reflect on them and raise them with your candidates.

Human Life 

Human life at every stage of development is precious and must be protected. Any laws which permit the wilful ending of life must always be rejected as reprehensible and unjust. We must create a culture of life where the most vulnerable are valued and their dignity respected. The undeniable value of human life, created in the image and likeness of God, is fundamental to the Catholic faith. We should remind our politicians that abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia are always morally unacceptable.

Marriage and the Family 

Society relies on the building block of the family to exist. The love of man and woman in marriage and their openness to new life is the very basic cell upon which society is built. The wellbeing of society depends on the flourishing and health of family life and those in authority should respond to this with policies that create economic and other advantages for families with children.


Sadly, poverty continues to be a scourge for many at home and abroad. Too many people still struggle to make ends meet. This sad reality cannot and should not endure in our country in the twenty-first century. Our concerns should also extend to providing international assistance, while ensuring that aid is not used to support immoral practices such as those which compromise the basic right to life.

Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Immigration

The United Kingdom should be a place where the most vulnerable are welcomed and given the resources necessary to rebuild their lives. At the same time, we should provide for those people living in and around conflict zones, and commit to working towards the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Living in Europe

There are millions of EU citizens living in the UK and millions of UK citizens living across the EU. Mindful of the uncertainty affecting them, candidates should commit to working towards delivering stability and security for them in future. Our politicians should forge and renew international partnerships and establish rights for those who wish to work in the UK, in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

Freedom of Religion and Conscience

Millions of people worldwide are persecuted for their beliefs. People of faith, including Christians, should be able to freely practise their faith and bear witness to it in their lives, without fear of prejudice, intolerance, abuse or violence. Candidates should be committed to the right of people not to be forced to act against their conscience.

Nuclear Weapons and the Arms Trade

The use of any weapon that causes more than individual and proportionate harm to civilians is immoral and, thus, rejected by the Church. The use of weapons of mass destruction is a serious crime against God and against humanity. While states are entitled to possess the means required for legitimate defence, this must not become an excuse for an excessive accumulation of weaponry which becomes a considerable threat to stability and freedom.

Respectful Politics

Often, politicians are tempted to score points or resort to insults. We need politicians who are willing to change this and to take politics in a new direction, where dialogue is respectful, and where different points of view, including those of a religious nature, are tolerated.   As we cast our votes this election, let us bear in mind the words of Pope Francis when he said, “The greatness of any nation is revealed in its effective care of society’s most vulnerable members.” Our nation, our Parliament, and our Government will be judged on how it treats its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.


St Cadoc’s Website Visitors: Where do you all come from?


A great benefit of the St Cadoc’s website is in spreading our community and parish to places very far from Newton Mearns. Since we started the website (October 2016), we have received just over 18,000 visitors from across the world.

You are all very welcome!

The table below gives us a breakdown of the countries of people who visit us.

Prayers of Intercession: Fifth Sunday of Easter

Prayers of Intercession

Jesus is the shepherd of the flock.  May we follow Him and so have life in all its fullness

  1. As Pope Francis, in response to Mary’s request 100 years ago in Fatima, appealed for world peace, we raise our voices in a longing for the end of all violence, and we pray for peace for every nation. Let us pray: King of glory, hear us.
  2. Lord, you sent your disciples into the world.  Grant that bishops and priests today may be faithful ministers of your Gospel. Let us pray: King of glory, hear us.
  3. Lord, you healed the sick.  Look with pity upon those who are ill or distressed and share with them your glory. Let us pray: King of glory, hear us.
  4. For those who died that the Good Shepherd will lead them into the Father’s home.  We remember especially, Peggy Tait, Theresa Killen, Patricia Anne Patterson, Ronnie Coia, Fernando Jaconelli and Betty Murphy. Let us pray: King of glory, hear us.
  5. Let us pray to our Lady of Paisley for Bishop Keenan:  Hail Mary….

Father, we give you thanks for the gift of your Son, our Shepherd and Saviour and we ask your blessing in all the circumstances of our lives. Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Video: What do Roman Catholics Think About Evolution?

The Pope Francis video we put up last week got a lot of views, so we’re going to try out some other videos as an experiment to help parishioners think about different aspects of their faith.

In this very short video, we ask the following about evolution:

  • Is intelligent design science?
  • Can a Catholic believe in evolution?
  • Are the stories of scripture scientifically based?
  • What does science say about our religious beliefs?

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Prayers of Intercession: 4th Sunday of Easter

Prayers of Intercession

The Good Shepherd, is the Gate of the Sheepfold, through whom we enter into the community of believers.  On this World Day of Prayer for Vocations we turn to Jesus in prayer.

  1. For Pope Francis whom God has appointed as shepherd of the Universal Church, that he may continue to be a priest after the Heart of Jesus, revealing his mercy, compassion and love to everyone. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  2. For Bishop Keenan, called to be shepherd of the diocese of Paisley, that, with the priests and deacons, he may be sustained by the Holy Spirit and be granted peace of heart and a great love for Jesus. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  3. For young souls contemplating the possibility of  God’s invitation to follow him in the priesthood, diaconate or religious life. Let us pray to the Lord.  Grant this, almighty God.
  4. For those who died that the Good Shepherd will lead them into the Father’s home. Let us pray to the Lord.  Grant this, almighty God.
  5. Let us pray to our Lady of Paisley for Bishop Keenan:  Hail Mary….

Father, we give you thanks for the gift of your Son, our Shepherd and Saviour and we ask your blessing that we remain faithful to him in all the circumstances of our lives. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Pope Francis: Why the Only Future Worth Building Includes Everyone

In a recent TED talk delivered directly from the Vatican, Pope Francis tells us:

A single individual is enough for hope to exist, and that individual can be you. Let us help each other, all together, to remember that the ‘other’ is not a statistic, or a number. We all need each other.

The length of the video is 17 minutes and well worth a watch. Remember to put on the subtitles!