Today’s Feast Day: St Paul of the Cross

Today is the Feast of St Paul of the Cross.  St Paul was the founder of the Passionists and we are very lucky to have a Passionist community in Glasgow at St Mungo’s in Sighthill.  If you are every in the city centre during the week, why not pop into St Mungo’s for mass at 10am or 12.15pm?

The Passionists in Glasgow website is: and you can find out all about St Paul at their website.  You can also follow them on Faceback: @stmungos1865



Today’s Feast Day: St Luke the Evangelist

Today’s Feast Day is St Luke!  Apart from writing a Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, St Luke was a doctor.  He is the Patron Saint of Physicians and Surgeons.  Do you know anyone called Luke or is a medical doctor or surgeon?  Why not share this post with them and say a prayer to St Luke? It only takes a minute and is a wonderful free gift to give them!

The painting of St Luke is by the Italian artist, Guido Reno.

This Week’s Prayers of Intercession

Dear friends, the skill and wisdom of Jesus is illustrated in today’s gospel parable, where he has given us the story of our salvation in such a simple and captivating  way.

  1. That we will fill our minds with everything that is true and noble; all that is good and pure, that we love and honour you, Lord. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  2. That the God of peace will take anger and the desire for violence from the hearts of every world leader and citizen, and replace it with the energy and commitment to build up a world of harmony, respect and peace. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  3. That the people of Las Vegas, devastated by murderous violence, will know the prayerful support of people of goodwill everywhere.  We pray eternal rest for the dead, healing for the wounded, comfort for the grieving and distressed, and courage for those assisting the victims. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  4. That the departed members of our families will be gathered together in the Father’s heavenly home. We also remember especially, Moira McGregor, Eamonn Fottrell, Paddy Boyle, Jim Upton, Maureen McGowan and Joe Cavanagh. Let us pray to the Lord. Grant this, almighty God.
  5. Let us pray to our Lady of Paisley for Bishop Keenan:  Hail Mary….

Almighty Father, as we stand on this earth, we raise our hands to the heavens imploring your blessing upon all of creation, seeking Divine Grace for the poor, and comfort and courage for all victims of violence and war. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Today’s Feast Day: St Ignatius of Antioch

Today’s Feast Day is St Ignatius of Antioch.  St Ignatius was one of our very earliest saints who wasn’t an Apostle.  He was martyred in Rome in the year 107 and while he was alive was a major figure in the Eastern Mediteranean and North Africa Christian community.  The Church in these places today is under great threat.  Say a prayer today for all the Faithful in those parts of the world who are persecuted for following their Faith in very difficult circumstances.

St Cadoc’s News Updates (that didn’t make it into the Newsletter)

Church Improvement Works
You will be aware that work on the new church roof has begun. With the main porch now inaccessible please access the church for weekday masses through the side entrance at the sacristy. For Saturday evening and Sunday masses the fire exit at the front of the church and the hall entrance should also be used. Now that the scaffold and builders compound are in place please park with consideration for others and ensure that children are not allowed to play in the church grounds or on/near the scaffold. In the event of an emergency the access points detailed above should be used in addition to the fire exits in the extension and the hall- both of which are clearly marked. Thank you for your patience while the work goes on to improve and future proof our church.  Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Julia on 07801286661.

Ladies Night
Please come along to the Parish Ladies Night in support of Mary’s Meals on Friday 11th November from 7.30- 11pm. The evening promises laughter, cake and fun! Tickets are £5 and are available from Anne on 07766 727018. BYOB

Turin Shroud
Following the success of his recent talk in St Ninian’s High School Mr Henry Creechan has agreed to lead a presentation on the shroud of Turin believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus. He will give insights to the understanding of the Shroud and explain what many eminent scientists believe to be flaws in the Carbon Dating of the Shroud. There will be an opportunity to view a life size replica of the Shroud. The presentation takes place in the Parish Hall at 8pm on Wednesday 15th November.

Today’s Feast Day: St Daniel Combine

Today is the feast of St Daniel Comboni, who is the patron saint of Missionaries.  Please spend a moment today thinking of all Catholic missionaries who have devoted their life to helping others around the world.

We have a Comboni missionary centre (The Verona Fathers) here in Glasgow.  If you are interested in missionary work or would like to know more about the Comboni missionaries, why not phone them on 0141 641 4399 or email them on

Their website is here:


Today’s Feast Day: San Giovanni Leonardi di Lucca

Today is the feast of San Giovanni Leonardi di Lucca or St John Leonardi.  San Giovanni was born in the 16th Century and is the Patron Saint of pharmacists.  In Glasgow, many people have family links to Lucca or closeby.  If you know anyone whose family come from Lucca or is a pharmacist, why not say a small prayer for them today?