St Cadoc’s St Vincent de Paul Announcements

The Church St. Cadoc Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Our conference has been in existence for many years (1991), serving the congregation of our church. It is solely funded by your donations for which we thank you most sincerely. We conform to the Charity Commission rules and regulations. All members are fully approved by Disclosure Scotland. We make visits to homes, Mearnskirk Hospital, Crookfur Homes, Eastwood and Greenlaw Care Homes.  We also try to assist those in need.  Your donations fund the taxi service which ensures that our parishioners can attend mass.  We play our part by providing financial aid to our twinned conferences, one in India, the other in South Africa.

Contact with our conference can be made either through our Spiritual Director, Mon. Thomas J. Monaghan, parish house. Tel: 0141 639 1073, by speaking with a member managing the boxes after mass or by email.

To donate furniture, items for the hospice shop, ladies & gents clothes for Our Lady of the Wayside Ozanam Centre.  Email :

We ask for new members & others to rejoin and help us serve the parish and local community. We meet in the church hall at 7.30pm on the first and third Tuesday’s of the month.

Would you like to know more, before making any commitment to help?

Please email Neil Brotherhood

St. Cadoc’s Conference of St. Vincent de Paul

We respectfully invite all our parishioners to get involved in raising funds for our hospice in Johnstone. Franked postage stamps, especially ones from around the world, with a 2cm border, are worth money. A handful of foreign coins, you cannot exchange them, but we can.  Old mobile phones clutter up your kitchen drawer, but their constituent parts are worth something, and we can get money when we recycle them. With this project we are not trying to raise £500 for the hospice, we are trying to raise 50p @ 1000 times. Perhaps there is 50p lying around in your house. There are boxes at the doors of the church for your donations. Please check the website for an update on our progress to reach our target.

Your help will be acknowledged in our prayers, the monies raised from your donation will be used wisely, and it will be really appreciated by the hospice Special Works Conference.





Today’s Feast Day: Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is the doctrine that Our Lady was conceived without original sin.  This is such an important feast day that in many parts of the world, it is a holy day of obligation.  In Scotland, it’s not but that shouldn’t stop us celebrating this wonderful feast in our own way.  Why not say a Hail Mary today for someone who needs it?


Today’s Feast Day: St Ambrose

St Ambrose was one of the first four doctors of the church.  He is the patron saint of beggars.  Why not bring some hats/pants/socks/jumpers to St Cadoc’s this week?  Monsignor Tom is planning to donate these to some homeless men in Glasgow.  If you can’t do this, why not say a small prayer to St Ambrose for Monsignor Tom’s homeless men?

Announcement: Children’s Liturgy & Glasgow the Caring City Charity

Some of you maybe aware that annually, on the Second Sunday of Advent, the children who attend the Children’s Liturgy bring Christmas gifts for distribution to this organisation. The charity which was set up in 1999, seeks to help children in crisis both at home and overseas. The gifts which the children bring are then distributed by the charity to needy families in the West of Scotland in time for Christmas. For some children, this may be the only present that they receive, and the charity are always extremely grateful for any gifts that are donated from our Parish.

It is appreciated, that at this time of year, there are many demands placed upon your generosity. However, once again, it has been decided, to invite all individuals/families in the Parish to participate in this initiative. If you wish to be involved in this appeal, you are asked to bring a gift – suitable for a boy or girl (or suitable for either) aged between birth and sixteen years of age. The gift should be wrapped and a gift tag placed on the outside stating whether the gift is for a boy/girl/or both and the age group the gift is suitable for. The gifts will be taken to the charity at the end of the 10am Mass on Sunday 10th December. If you wish to donate please place your gift in the box in the Church Hall by this date. If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact Catherine Senior on: 07555 094304 or by email: